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Staff & Administration at The Heritage Assisted Living



Our Employment Philosophy

At The Heritage in Hammonton, we don’t work with just anyone. In order to serve our senior living communities with integrity, competence, and compassion, we ensure that every staff member is equipped with the skills and values necessary to maintain top-of-the-line quality of care that aligns with all of our treatment approaches and humanitarian traditions.

As a family-owned and operated assisted living facility, The Heritage is as much a place for your family as it is for ours. Our commitment to resident satisfaction is demonstrated by our rigorous assessment and intake procedures for all of our staff and administrators. When you hire a trustworthy team of professional caregivers, you can assure patients and their loved ones that they are in good hands and safe quarters. That’s our promise to you.

Whether we’re hiring for an opening in our dining staff, a role in custodial maintenance, or a position for Associate Medical Director, our recruitment and training always adheres to the ethical and professional guidelines of our employment philosophy. To learn more about who we are and why we’re one of the most sought-after healthcare providers in New Jersey, please contact The Heritage Assisted Living today.

Our Team of Senior Care Specialists

Our family-oriented approach is supported by a family of connected and compassionate caregivers. Explore the various roles within our assisted living facility below and learn more about what we do, day in and day out, to support the sustainability of our unwavering performance as a senior living community and memory care center.

The facility director oversees all day-to-day operations and maintenance of The Heritage, from our assisted living apartment communities to our dining halls to our memory care unit.

Our nursing team is overseen by a specialized director with advanced industry knowledge and years of proven performance and experience in the geriatric healthcare field.

From the chefs who prepare high-quality entrees to the dietetic professionals who design optimal meal plans for residents based on their unique needs, our food and kitchen staff contribute to the dining experience and nutritional wellbeing of all senior community members.

Our director of admissions is responsible for the intake and admissions processes of all residents, from initial consultation to the intricacies of move-ins and

Our professional custodial staff keep our facilities in formidable and functional condition, from general repairs to essential upkeep tasks

This clinical professional oversees the proper implementation of health and wellness strategies, treatment procedures, and all standard procedures of resident care

We welcome volunteers at The Heritage in Hammonton. The only qualifications are a commitment to compassionate care and a mutual desire to serve our assisted living community.

A comfortable living environment is a clean living environment, and that is precisely what our Housekeeping professionals work diligently to maintain.

Our administrators are the backbone of essential facility procedures and managerial tasks, creating the streamlined conditions that sustain our innovative care services and assisted living centers.

Specialized Staff, Individualized Care

No two resident experiences at The Heritage are quite the same, but all members of our senior living community will experience the same level of compassion, care and dedication from the staff members of our facility.

The Heritage was designed to provide amenities and accommodations that properly address the needs of all residents based on their unique needs and preferences. Our living spaces are broken down into three main areas — respite care, assisted living, and memory care — and each of these offers a different level of care and oversight, both of which vary further on a case-by-case basis for each resident. Although individual circumstances may vary, you will always find a comfortable consistency in the demeanor and service of our staff.

Explore Our Senior Living Facilities and Services

You know who we are . . . Now learn how we can help!

Located in Hammonton, NJ, and serving the greater tri-state area, The Heritage is one of the region’s top-rated assisted living communities. Whether you are in need of memory care services for a loved one with dementia or you are an independent senior citizen who may need assistance with daily tasks, there is a space at The Heritage that is right for you.

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