1. Tips for Protecting Your Loved Ones from Scams

    If you have an elderly parent or two, you may be keeping an eye on them for several different reasons. Physical safety, emotional wellbeing, and health are all important factors that play in the anyone's quality of life, and ensuring that an older loved one is living well can be a lot of work. One a…Read More

  2. Identifying and Treating Depression in the Elderly – Part 2

    Is your elderly loved one depressed? How do you know? In our last blog, we discussed a few significant indicators that your loved one is struggling mentally and trying to hide it from you. In today's blog, we want to share a few more depression red flags and discuss what you can do to make life bett…Read More

  3. Identifying and Treating Depression in the Elderly – Part 1

    Most of us know that depression can hit anyone at any time, but all too often, we fail to think about the elderly. We shouldn't. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), over 15 percent of elders struggle with depression every day. Additionally, 25 percent of America's elders rep…Read More

  4. Tips for Leveraging Your Long-Term Care Insurance

    Life has a lot of ups and downs. We all navigate them the best we can, and we hope to be able to retire comfortably. You will probably accumulate several types of insurance policies as you go, and making the most of them can be the difference between good retirement living and a stressful situation.…Read More

  5. Common Balance Challenges for Seniors

    Once we learn how to balance when we're little, many new things become possible. Climbing in and out of the tub, using the stairs, stepping off curbs, and riding a bike are all great actions made possible by balance. For a majority of your life, you'll be able to enjoy good balance and the only hurd…Read More

  6. Tips for Comparing Assisted Living Facilities

    The search for an assisted living community is a lot like searching for a house to buy: you are looking for a home. You're looking for a place where you won't just feel safe and comfortable, but also feel like you can thrive. It should have opportunities to connect and dive into your passions. It sh…Read More

  7. Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease – Part 2

    Does your family have a history of Alzheimer's disease? If so, you may go back and forth between trying not to think about it and worrying intensely, especially if you have aging parents. The instant you see a change in their behavior, your mind probably jumps to Alzheimer's and you wonder if you're…Read More