1. Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease – Part 1

    When people hear "Alzheimer's," they immediately think about memory loss. While memory loss does occur, it's actually one of the more advanced symptoms of the disease. Alzheimer's starts out with smaller, more subtle symptoms. If your family has a history of the disease, it's a good idea to keep a s…Read More

  2. Ways to Make Your Loved One Feel Special This Thanksgiving

    November is here, and that means the holidays are coming our way. The holiday season starts with Thanksgiving, a great holiday that usually brings family, delicious food, and amazing desserts. However, the fun doesn't have to stop there! There is a lot more you can do for your loved one, especially …Read More

  3. What to Expect at a Medicare Wellness Appointment

    Have you heard about medical wellness visits? They are a relatively new development in the healthcare world, and as a result, not many people understand exactly what they are. If you don't know what happens during a wellness visit, how much the visit costs, and what exactly the visit is for, you are…Read More

  4. Common Questions About Affording Senior Living

    Are you or a loved one heading for assisted living? If so, you have a lot of exciting opportunities ahead of you. Your grandparents didn't have the options you do today. However, people can get intimidated by the landscape of senior living, especially by how expensive it can be. However, people ofte…Read More

  5. Wondering How to Finance Senior Living?

    Senior living has transformed a lot in the past decade, giving aging Americans a wider array of living options. However, with the expansion of options comes increased financial complexity. Finding a solution that provides both the services and comfort you need, all for the right price, can be quite …Read More

  6. Criteria for Comparing Assisted Living Communities

    Finding the right assisted living community for yourself or a loved one is absolutely crucial. You're not just picking a new home; you're picking a community and a lifestyle. Putting work in on the front end to ensure you find a good fit will save you the hassle and stress of moving into a community…Read More

  7. Assisted Living vs. Skilled Nursing

    Senior living has made massive strides in the past decade, and The Heritage is on the leading edge. However, we've found that many people haven't caught up to us and realized just how uniquely powerful assisted living can be. Instead, they immediately think "nursing home" when the subject of senior …Read More

  8. Is It Time for Your Parents to Move?

    Time seems to move faster and faster as we go through life, and, for many of us, the fact that our aging parents might need a different living situation comes as a surprise. Too often, our parents don't want to think about it, and we don't, either. We don't want things to change. However, failing to…Read More

  9. Veteran’s Benefits FAQ

    If you are a veteran or the spouse/family member of a veteran, you qualify for VA Aid and Attendance Special Pension. This is an incredible advantage when it comes to senior housing, as it can mean the difference between a private assisted living center and a state-funded facility. However, the worl…Read More

  10. You Have Options – Types of Elder Care

    Some things simply get more difficult as you age. It's a reality that we all face (or will), and not many people are fans. However, a lot of people make it harder on themselves than necessary by assuming care isn't available for their needs (or they don't need care). The thing is, the senior care in…Read More