When the ins and outs of daily routine become too much to handle, it can make life hard on the elderly and their families. It’s hard to not be able to cook your own foods and get properly clean in the shower. It’s hard as a family member to spend a lot of time caring for a father or mother when you have your own children and life to live. At The Heritage, we offer senior living apartments and an experienced staff dedicated to making life easy and dignified for our community members. Contact our world-class facility in Hammonton to learn more today!

  1. An older man with white hair reads a newspaper.

    How To Protect Memory Health As You Age

    For any aging adult, memory health is one of the most crucial elements of wellbeing. Research has consistently shown that brain performance and memory retention tend to decline with the natural aging process. Fortunately, there are many ways to slow the rate of this decline and maintain brain health…Read More

  2. Gift Ideas for Loved Ones in Assisted Living

    When your loved one lives in assisted living, it can make ordinary events seem a little different. Although this is more a matter of perception, there are a few things that do change. Typically, senior living apartments have less space than your loved one’s previous living space because downsizing…Read More

  3. What Does Healthy Eating Look Like for the Elderly?

    Eating is a social activity that plays an extremely important role in your health. As you get older, your eating habits will need to change. Your appetite will probably change anyway; it's common for the appetite to decrease as we get older. It can also become more difficult to purchase and prepare …Read More

  4. Summer Safety Tips for the Elderly – Part 3

    Summer starts on June 21st, and temperatures can get plenty hot here in New Jersey. We're also in a pretty humid location, which can make the heat even more oppressive. The thing is, getting outside is great for everyone. The fresh air and sunshine can make all the difference for the elderly, and at…Read More

  5. Summer Safety Tips for the Elderly – Part 1

    Warm weather has returned to us at last, and it makes everyone want to get outside and soak in the sun. There are many benefits to getting outside for the elderly, including getting moving, enjoying a little sun, and breathing the fresh air. That being said, New Jersey summers can get pretty hot and…Read More

  6. When Is a Senior Unsafe Living Alone?

    Humans tend to be resilient and determined, and we can make pretty extreme situations work for us. Seniors are no exception. Despite the many challenges that come with getting older, seniors will often make the very best of their situations and fight to maintain the independence they have enjoyed so…Read More