Legacy Place is an integral part of our community where we provide enhanced support services for people with dementia, Alzheimers and other related memory care needs.

Our higher level of care unit is designated for residents with memory care needs. This secure unit ensures the safety of residents with memory loss and skilled staff provides guidance and caring to maintain the resident’s optimum level of independence. If you aren’t sure your loved one needs the benefit of the Legacy Place, here are just a few of the ways we can make life better for him or her.

Relief from wandering. 

People with dementia or Alzheimers tend to walk off and can end up halfway across town without knowing what has happened. This exposes them to many risks, including falling danger, inclement weather conditions, and overall emotional distress. The Legacy Place is designed to provide access to the outdoors, community spaces, and private living within a secure environment. This can bring huge peace of mind to you and your loved one.

Trained personnel. 

Many people can handle some dementia symptoms from their loved ones, but it’s amazing how quickly you can get out of your depth. The staff at the Legacy Place are specifically trained to care for people with dementia. We rotate them less often so our clients have an opportunity to see familiar faces. We are also trained to ensure the safety of all our residents.

Enjoyable programming. 

Just because someone has dementia or Alzheimers doesn’t mean he or she is precluded from fun and joy. We structure every day at the Legacy Place to stimulate conversation, growth, and simple enjoyment of life. We do it in a way that ensures every resident has the opportunity to engage in a safe, supportive environment. Thriving is the inevitable result.

Peace of mind. 

One of the most painful challenges anyone faces as they get older is maintaining quality of life. Eventually, it is impossible alone. We know you want the very best for your loved one. We know you need your loved one to live in a place where he or she can thrive, enjoy life, and stay safe among friends and caretakers. That is why we pour all we have into the Legacy Place every day, working hard to make it the very best dementia/Alzheimers assisted living community in New Jersey.

The Legacy Unit meets the individual needs of residents with a full range of enhanced supportive services that include:

  • Individualized Care Planning
  • Stimulating and Exciting Activities
  • Secure, Safe Environment
  • Dignity
  • Fellowship
  • Comfortable, Homelike, Surroundings
  • Medical Monitoring and Supervision
  • RN involvement and access on a 24-hour basis
  • Medication Administration

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